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Archive for June, 2009

Vending Exit Strategy

Icon Written by The Vending Guy on June 28, 2009 – 3:58 pm

Once you have decided that vending will support your personal goals you will need to develop a plan for the business. Do you want to create a true business – meaning you hire others to run the day-to-day operations? Is this a temporary venture until the kids are old enough to go to school (or […]

Personal Goals and Vending

Icon Written by The Vending Guy on June 14, 2009 – 3:45 pm

Many people look for a business that they believe will not be difficult to start and then form their life around it. How many of us have done that with our jobs too? Get a job and force your life to revolve around it. I suggest taking just the opposite approach – it is a […]

Building a Compact Route

Icon Written by The Vending Guy on June 2, 2009 – 3:40 pm

I am often asked how many vending machines you need to be able to make good money. That can be a tough question because I know people who have developed a nice side income off only 15 machines and others who are constantly struggling to stay afloat financially with the same number. The difference between […]