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Bulk Vending

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Bulk Candy Vending Machines
Bulk Candy Vending Machines

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Vending machines DO NOT make money - locations make money! 


WARNING: Did you know that Bulk Vending Machines are toted as an "easy money" business - that is a LIE!  Before you spend HUNDREDS or even THOUSANDS of dollars on bulk vending machines get this VERY CHEAP eBook (only $19) and learn the secrets that the locating companies do not want you to know.


Have you seen all those candy vending machines on eBay, or in the magazines, and wonder if you're missing the business opportunity of a lifetime? Did you buy a bulk vending machine from a newspaper "Biz Opp" Classified but are not sure how to proceed now?

This ebook will answer your Bulk Vending questions and help you to cash-in on the multi-million dollar vending industry. We will step you through how to setup a route (including getting locations), tracking your costs vs. expenses, and how to make a poor route do better, plus much more. Dust off those machines in your garage and get ready to start making money TODAY!

This eBook IS NOT another "reseller eBook" like most on eBay. I am the sole rights holder for this product. I am a real full-time vending professional. This 35+ page ebook contains my over 15 years worth of vending experience. This ebook with give the REAL information you need - without the hype!


  • Introduction to Bulk Vending

  • Overview of Getting and Keeping Quality Locations

  • Product Selection

  • Setting Your Pricing and Vend Size

  • Equipment Depreciation

  • Hints, Tips, and Tricks


  • The fundamentals of the Bulk Vending Industry

  • How you can make 200% ROI - consistently

  • Formula for monitoring / comparing your machines' performance

  • Methods of locating bulk vending machines

  • Plus tons of practical real world advice from a route operator - NOT a Salesman


 Only $19 - Click here to buy now!

 Only $19 - Click here to buy now!

Buy now for ONLY $19

The EBOOK is in PDF format so you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view it.


This is an eBook, the shipping is FREE !! 

Once you pay you will receive an email, from ctaylor@vendingrules.com, that contains the download link for the eBook.  NOTE: If you have a spam filter please set it accept emails from ctaylor@vendingrules.com or you WILL NOT get the auto-email from our server.  The email will contain a secure download link to your eBook.





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