Anti-Socials Need Not Apply
This is my site Written by The Vending Guy on October 31, 2008 – 4:40 pm

If you have trouble getting along with your boss and coworkers and your communication skills are not the best, perhaps you are thinking that owning and operating a successful vending machine route will be the solution to all of your problems. After all, your days would be spent counting and sorting merchandise, stocking machines, collecting money, and reordering merchandise, right?

No. You would also be contacting your locations regularly to ensure they are satisfied with your service, calling those in charge of potential new spots for expansion or replacement of under-performing ones, dealing with customers who have lost their money in your machines and possibly dealing with charities on sponsoring your machines.

There is much more selling involved in vending than the blue sky promoters, also known as biz-ops, reveal to their customers. One of the sales pitches used by biz-op and the vending machine companies is that there is “no selling”. But that’s completely false. There’s a lot of selling involved to get your vendors on location. And unfortunately, people don’t always find that out until after they have spent a lot of money on vending machines. The primary problem is the lack of persistence on the part of new operators who do not come from a sales background and are unused to making a sales presentation.

When I first speak to other vendors I’ve found that they are afraid to just walk up to someone and say “Are you happy with your current vending service?” Get out and give it a try. Once you start hearing “yes” you will get enthusiastic about it and start putting more energy into the business.

Actually, there is an entire spectrum of under-the-radar customer service behind any successful vending business, all of which requires a positive image and sufficient face time with location managers. And if you are one of those who has fallen for the idea that no selling’s involved since vending machines “sell” for you, then you have forgotten the most important item of all you need to sell: yourself.

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