Benefits of Bulk Vending
This is my site Written by The Vending Guy on September 21, 2008 – 10:12 pm

The greatest benefit of starting and running a bulk vending business is that you can easily do everything yourself. Even with a route almost 100 machines I am still able to place, service and mange it easily without the need of employees. Personnel is the most taxing and costly aspect of running any business. A well managed bulk vending route eliminates that problem.

You can start your business part-time and allow it to run as-is or grow it slowly until you feel comfortable transforming it into a full-time business.

My favorite aspect of having a bulk candy vending route is that if a location is not doing well, or simply wants you to leave, I can easily take the machine away. I heavy lifting or hand carts necessary. I guess I could even pick up the entire business and move it with me to another city if I ever moved.

Now don;t get me wrong. It is still a business like any other and I have met people who have lost lots of money trying to get into the bulk candy business. Being such a low-cost business to start people are fooled into thinking that is it is a “no-lose” proposition. Like any aspect of the vending business, if you learn the rules, you can find great success.

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