Your Child’s First Vending Business
This is my site Written by The Vending Guy on April 2, 2009 – 2:31 pm

I am often asked by people if they think their kid could start a vending business. Assuming of course that the child is mature enough to handle money and the work I think it is a great idea!

Of course the question remains, “How does a child start a vending business?” My answer is that the process is not much different than I would recommend any start the business. It is only the outcome that I consider to be different. The goal isn’t as much to make money but to teach them about money, business, and even the sales process.

Get a machine or two on eBay. Buy machines for less than $100 each (hopefully much less). If you can, help place the first machine. Don’t buy a machine outright, “loan” them the money. Make them pay you “payments”. Make them keep books, calculate cost of goods, profit, loss, and ROI. Even explain how they have to pay taxes. This teaches them the pitfalls of excessive debt, the “work” required to run a business properly and how to deal with government regulation.

You will probably have to drive them from location to location but that is a small price to pay to help your budding entrepreneur get started. Remember, make the process fun and not too hard for their age. Again, the goal is for them to learn; if they earn then all the better.

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  1. Love the blog! Found it on Yahoo I have bookmarked it thank you for the tips.

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