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This is my site Written by The Vending Guy on November 19, 2007 – 10:09 pm

Vending Machine Locating GuideIf I am asked one question consistently, and relentlessly it this, “Where can I find a good locator to locate my machines?” I hope at least a couple of you have noticed the HUGE assumption made in that statement (if not, that’s OK). The assumption is that you SHOULD and/or CAN use a locator to place your vending machines. I never even try to answer the first question, I answer the second question (the one not asked) whether they like it or not.

The short answer is NO.

The long answer is yes – you. OK that wasn’t all that long. If you have any desire to run your own vending business (or any business for that matter) you need to learn how to sell, period, no exceptions! Again, regardless of the business you get into you’ll need to learn how to sell. Those that learn this skill will ALWAYS have the opportunity to make money. I suggest that anyone interested in placing their own vending machine check out my eBook on the subject. You can order it by clicking here (yes, you just witnesses a shameless plug ;)

But even if you do not get or read my eBook remember that the key to vending machine placement is only eight simple words, “Are you happy with your current vending service?”

Don’t be afraid to let people know what you do and how you can help them. Most people don’t mind because usually they don’t have machines (but would like some) or they have service that sucks (that’s how I get most of my business).

There is no simple answer other than to find all the local businesses and start hitting the pavement. You will gets lots of “No’s” but hey “No’s” don’t cost you anything so you have nothing to lose.

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