Vending Machine Contracts – Part 1
This is my site Written by The Vending Guy on June 5, 2008 – 9:06 pm

It is really simple, I never use a “location contract”. Locations do not like signing contracts – period. It scares the heck out of most of them. Think about it for a moment. How do you feel every time someone asks you to sign a contract? We’ve been conditioned by popular media (i.e. movies and TV) to believe that if we sign a contract we are somehow going to get screwed. Think about how many times you’ve seen a movie or show that portrayed someone being forced to do something because they signed a contract. Now of course this is silly but our perception becomes reality – and it will only make your job of “selling your vending service” that much harder. By being “easy to deal with” it makes your selling job that much easier.

I use the reverse approach. The location almost always asks if they have to sign some kind if contract I automatically say “No.” I explained that my service is just that, a service. I explain how I have no interest in locking them into any kind of commitment. My machines are there only so long as they like the service and it makes financial sense for me to be there (notice the seed I just planted?). As a matter of fact I tell everyone that I have a “24-hour pull-out guarantee” for the first 90-days. If either one of us is unhappy with the situation I will pull the machines out within 24-hours. Remember that the locations are usually very unsure. They’ve seen poorly maintained vending machines at other locations and don’t one on their premises. You are showing them that you respect their space and they appreciate it. And quite frankly, if they don’t want you there they just move your machine into the back room or make life difficult for you in some other way. A weird note for you here. I had one account that didn’t want me but wouldn’t tell me to my face. They’d just keep unplugging my machine (no it wasn’t a competitor – my spies told me it was the manager). I’d ask them if they’d like me to pull out and they always said, “No.” Go figure.

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