Vending Machine Contracts – Part 2
This is my site Written by The Vending Guy on March 22, 2009 – 2:27 pm

This post is a continuation, be sure to read Part 1 first.

Now one caveat. I do have them sign an “Ownership Acknowledgment”. It is a simple document that says the machines belong to me and that I can pull them out whenever I want. To make it easy to sign I also include statements that they can kick me out whenever and that all liability for the machine is mine – which is true anyway regardless if the document is signed. All I want is a piece a paper saying that I own the machine. That way if the location ever tries to “steal” the machine – by claiming it is theirs I have paperwork that the police will want to see when they arrive. I consider it my “get out of jail for free card”. Unfortunately locations – especially ones that one have been to for a long time. I’ve had a building manager lock up the rooms my machines were in and tried to keep me from getting them. I had a janitor let me in the room (a side note – always be in good relations with the cleaning staff, they are your greatest allies at a location) and began to remove the machines. The building manager – a real jerk by the way – threatened to call the cops if I didn;t return the machines. I called his bluff. When the cops arrived they asked me if I can prove ownership (I had my signed agreement of course – and the keys!) and they then asked the building manager. He of course had nothing and to boot acted like a jerk. They asked me how long it would take – i told them I’d have been done 30 minutes ago if he wasn’t blocking my way. They allowed me to continue and threaten to “restrain” the building manager if he continued to make himself a nuisance. It was an open and shut case. As a quick side note I ended up spending 45 minutes in the parking lot giving vending advice to one of the officers.

Bottom-line: Locations don’t like to sign contracts (and usually won’t) so don’t even bring it up. Honestly I don’t even use the ownership agreements for the little candy machines ($250 value or less). Locations agreements only tie you to a potentially bad location and start the relationship from a standpoint of obligation and mistrust. I like starting from a much more positive standpoint of trust.

Good Luck!

P.S. – When you start getting larger you’ll start getting specific equipment for large locations (for example malls). In that case you are buying equipment just for that location – use a contract. That is a discussion for some future point…

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  1. Do I have to pay money to the owner of the location for having my vending machine in his premises?

  2. How do i attain a “Ownership Acknowledgment” contract?

  3. We just made one ourselves. It simply stated that both the location and us agreed that we were the owners of the machine, we had no contractual relationship and if either one of us wanted the machines removed we had to do it within 30 days (locations loved that part).

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